The Developer's Challenge

Hundreds of developers have taken the challenge to review and find defects in a page of C code -Learn how they performed against automated static analysis

How effective is your review process?

It's a common misconception, that coding standards can be enforced with the use of manual code reviews. In practice, however, manual reviews often fail to identify deviations from standards, and therefore, potential bugs.

Could you benefit from automated code analysis?

About The Challenge

This paper summarizes the results of research conducted by PRQA that showed that developers attending a trade show performed significantly worse than static analysis tools, demonstrating the need for automated tools such as QA·C and QA·C++.

  • Provides the sample source code used during the exercise

  • Shows the limitations of the compiler in identifying errors and issues

  • Demonstrates the variability and limitations of manual code reviews

  • Illustrates the effectiveness of automated static analysis code inspection compared to manual reviews

Developer's Challenge whitepaper