Developing Secure Embedded Software

Quality Doesn't Equal Security

Embedded Software Development Needs To Change

Many organizations are only now becoming aware of the need to incorporate security into their software development lifecycle. Raising awareness of common pitfalls is the first step to avoid falling prey to them, but awareness by itself is insufficient. Understanding security is one thing; applying that understanding in a complete and consistent fashion to meet security goals is quite another.

Just Because Software Meets Quality Standards Doesn't Mean It's Secure

What you'll learn:

This paper explains why some commonly used approaches to security typically fail and outlines a development strategy for getting security right.

Gain a better understanding of:

  • Why Quality Assurance doesn't address security
  • Common pitfalls and misconceptions about security
  • Processes to improve security
  • Secure development approaches and testing tools
  • How to deliver more secure software faster 

Security is everyone's responsibility, so whether your role encompasses Security, Quality Assurance, Development or Management you should read this paper

Developing Secure Embedded Software

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