Safe Software in Aerospace and Defense

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It goes without saying that safety is key when it comes to developing software in aerospace & defense. DO-178C advocates that in order to develop high integrity and reliable code three simple steps must be followed: have a process, adopt a coding standard or best practice and have proven, fit for purpose software tools. DO-330 describes how qualification can be achieved, both for development tools that modify code and potentially introduce errors and for verification tools such as static code analyzers, which do not introduce errors but may fail to detect them. In this webinar, we will explore:

  • The key processes and coding standards/best practice adopted by aerospace & defense
  • The role of coding standards/best practice in generating deterministic software
  • Determining a verification tool's effectiveness
  • Some specific examples where safety has been compromised when errors were not detected

About the Speaker

Silvano Sogus
Consulting Services Technical Manager

Watch the Webinar on Safe Software in Aerospace and Defense

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