Undecidability in Static Code Analysis

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Undecidability is a fundamental limitation that prevents any static analysis tools, no matter how sophisticated, from guaranteeing 100% enforcement of certain types of coding standard rules, or from fully and precisely identifying all instances of particular software defects. This webinar discusses:

  • The principles behind undecidability
  • How undecidability affects static analysis
  • How to recognize undecidable rules
  • Mechanisms to deal with undecidability

About the Speaker

Fuvlio Baccaglini
Senior Software Enigneer at PRQA and Member of the MISRA C Working Group
"Thanks a lot for a great talk! I would just like to add that the theoretical undecidability results are, so to speak, "existential quantified", i.e., there is an instance of the problem that is undecidable - this does not automatically hold for all instances of the problem :-). Luckily, many problem instances for real programs are, indeed, decidable (e.g., we can decide termination for many interesting programs)."
Dr. Achim D. Brucker, Senior Lecturer The University of Sheffield

Watch the Webinar on Undecidability in Static Code Analysis

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